We welcome the new decade with a new Savera, introducing verticals focusing on the need of the hour.


We strive to help the underprivileged and rural sections of the society in achieving wellness through our initiatives that are holistic, focusing on a healthy mind that can reside in a healthy body. Our initiatives not only focus on physical health but also on mental and emotional health which is an integral part of well-being, with increasing social pressures and emotional stress an increase in suicides and mental disorders has been observed.

We strive to create awareness towards issues that are still seen as taboos in the 21st century. With our Rural Awareness Campaigns #LetsEducate we strive to create a rural community capable of making informed decisions about their families and their own health. We focus on schools, equipping teachers and students to create healthy coping mechanisms and problem-solving tools. We facilitate medical camps connecting experienced medical professionals with the needy for free health check-ups and diagnosis for various health problems.

Environment Sustainability

We understand the importance of coexisting with the environment and focus on actions that lead to sustainable changes.

We work towards creating a safe environment by influencing positive change in behavior patterns by educating the rural population in and around valuable ecosystems to secure resources, wildlife, and wetlands.

Following our partnership with BirdLife International, our projects include creating Safety zones for the Indian  Bustards and Vultures.

We also strive to create awareness in rural communities about managing resources like water & land and encouraging healthy practices which strive to improve micro and macro issues of waste management.

Young India

We believe that every young person’s potential must be fulfilled and reaching out to the vulnerable and marginalized sections of society is imperative. As India is the youngest nation globally, we focus on the power of the youth by honing their skills through volunteer programs, awareness programs, and skill development programs which is focussed at pooling in the rural and vulnerable sections of the youth to develop skill and personality to bring about Young India effective growth. We strive to build a world where the Youth lead healthy and productive lives


An important yet vulnerable part of the socio-economic pool are women and children. Our programs address health and gender equity, provide opportunities that develop skill and knowledge. We work towards improving maternal and infant health. We create vocational opportunities for women to be more self-sufficient and informed in decision-making for themselves and their children. Empowering rural women with the tools they need to lead a better life is our goal. We strive to partner with local authorities to equip them with the correct practices in addressing cases of violence against women and children, without biases. We also strive to address the Maternal Death Rates and infant mortality rates by successfully monitoring pregnancies from the time of conception following up till the child born completes infancy. (2yrs)

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