Why Partner with Us

Why Partner with Us

  • We aim to achieve the highest Social Return on Investment (SROI): The resources we receive from responsible corporates, individuals and funding organizations are used to bring about the greatest benefit to society and the environment.
  • We have an extensive pan-India network of Government Agencies and Institutions:Our reach also ensures partnerships with Organizations who seek long-term development and strong, country-wide alliances.
  • Savera has successfully built its expertise in corporate partnerships: We have worked with major corporates in India since 2004.
How We Deliver a Successful Partnership

How We Deliver a Successful Partnership

For a partnership to be successful, we,

  • Set out our objectives, resources and key performance indicators in contractual agreements.
  • Design project plans that focus on the program outline, financial information, budget allocation and committed deliverables.
  • Establish transparency through periodic updates, site visits and reviews.
  • Assess our initiatives through agreed reporting mechanisms that track deliverables and check allocation of resources.
  • Ensure integrity and success of your CSR interventions.
Ways To Partner With US
Join Hands to Inspire the World
Engage your Employees and Build a Caring Company
Achieve High Social Return on Investment
Collaborations that Achieve Sustainable Change
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Partner with Us

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