Covid-19 Relief Initiatives

Our on-ground team has distributed dry ration to over 13,000 economically-backward families in the Mamdot and Guruharsahi Blocks in the Ferozepur district of Punjab. Each packet of dry ration lasts one family for one month. We also carry out line distribution of cooked food thanks to kitchen facilities offered by 15 Gurdwaras. An average of 600-700 meals a day has been distributed to the slums of Panchkula.

We also run awareness initiatives where we conduct home-to-home visits in slums to teach how, why, and when to sanitize the hands and clothes, how to maintain social distancing, and provide factual information on how the virus spreads, as well as, its symptoms. The awareness campaign is coupled with the distribution of disinfectants and masks. We also conduct regular disinfection of slums streets.

We would like to thank the District Government Authorities for supporting our outreach. We would also like to thank our corporate friends for their food donations.

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Coping with Coronavirus

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