Cancer Awareness and Wellness Day

To tackle a growing ailment and assist the lives of cancer patients, Savera organizes a two-day event in the economically-backward blocks of Panja Ke Uttar (Day 1) and Mohan Ke Uttar (Day 2) in the district of Ferozepur, a region in South-West Punjab with high incidences of cancer.

The Cancer Awareness and Wellness Day welcomes over 1000 underprivileged men and women to learn about cancer and wellness from health experts. The aim is to educate and respond to current concerns, examine individual cases and offer appropriate guidance on treatment.

This year, our campaign was held on the 4th and 5th of February, coinciding with World Cancer Day. Our panelists started by discussing the common types of cancer, what preventive measures one can take, signs and symptoms, as well as, spoke to individuals regarding personal concerns.

In the second part of the day, a team of Doctors from the Community Health Center in Gurharsahai discussed the use of tobacco and locally prevalent opioids (Chitta, Pukki and Smack). The panelists explained the ill-effects, warning signs and who comes under the high-risk populations for these drugs. They addressed myths about drug use, as well as, responded to individual concerns.

Meet Rajini at the Cancer Awareness and Wellness Day

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